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Three Trends Of Container House

- Jul 27, 2017 -

  Three Trends of Container House

  First, low-carbon functional materials

  With the convening of the Copenhagen World Climate Conference, "low carbon" has become a popular word. "Energy-saving, environmental protection, green, low emissions" and other characteristics of the "low-carbon building", but also to a new attitude high-profile debut. Low-carbon building materials is low energy consumption, low emissions, low pollution, the pursuit of green GDP building materials industry development model. Internationally recognized low-carbon economic industrial system, including low-carbon products, low-carbon technology, Container House building energy efficiency, industrial energy and recycling economy, resource recycling, environmental protection equipment and energy-saving materials.

  Second, environmental protection materials system

  The six elements of the Container House are energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, ecology, comfort and safety. The field formed a complete energy-saving system, environmental protection materials, the system has a stronger market competitiveness of the material. Solar energy and building integration is the combination of solar energy facilities and construction, the use of solar collectors instead of roof cover or alternative roof insulation layer, both to eliminate the impact of solar energy on the building image, Container House but also to avoid duplication of investment and reduce costs The Solar energy and building integration is the future direction of the development of solar energy technology.

  Third, the extension of composite materials

  With the current domestic green building materials, construction of new energy, indoor heating systems, wood products, integrated residential, villas supporting facilities, building drainage materials and green building materials production equipment technology and other aspects of new products, new technologies, new equipment The emergence of composite materials as a synthesis of new technology to obtain a larger space for development, and comprehensive and vivid interpretation of the "energy saving, environmental protection, Container House low carbon" consumption concept.

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