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Container House Building Construction To Solve Excess Steel Production Capacity

- Jul 27, 2017 -

  Container House building construction to solve excess steel production capacity

  China's efforts to resolve the excess capacity of steel is being adjusted, the use of market-oriented positive channel to replace the simple ban and blocking and other negative ways. To enhance the proportion of domestic Container House green building, is considered to be more than one downstream linkage upgrade to resolve the excess capacity of steel positive way.

  But the domestic industry believes that the new urbanization - the construction industry to upgrade - the Container House room steel varieties optimization - to absorb the excess capacity of steel, which is a ring of industrial chain theory is beautiful, the actual operation of a lot of difficulties, Also need the government, social coordination.

  Compared with the developed countries, China in the Container House building there is a large gap. In the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the amount of steel used in Container House Container Houses accounted for more than 30% of steel production, Container House construction area of the total construction area of more than 40%.

  In China, the current annual output of steel has exceeded 700 million tons, of which more than 50% of construction steel, but the Container House room steel less than 3%, and its construction area in the total construction area of less than 1%.

  Relevant experts said that more than 95% of the domestic building structure is reinforced concrete and masonry structure, which is the main reason for building energy consumption.

  Reinforced concrete and masonry structure of the material recycling rate is low, which caused a huge waste of resources, structural demolition, the main are construction waste, to deal with the need to spend a lot of money.

  Container House building construction theory of the United States is self-evident: in the whole life cycle can maximize the reserves of scrap resources, a "second mining" to promote the steel industry's production capacity is reasonable and to achieve circular economy and energy saving; Container House building seismic Excellent performance, can reduce the casualties and property damage in the earthquake, but also as soon as possible the formation of temporary shelter, post-disaster reconstruction costs are lower; can be industrial production, construction period is short, the quality of construction and duration is guaranteed.

  In the context of energy-saving emission reduction, demolition of Container House buildings will have a great development.

  But it must be noted that, in contrast to the traditional reinforced concrete building there is a comparative advantage of this foundation, but also should strive to improve its quality and comfort, so as to create a Container House housing "good performance, high quality and energy saving" clear The social image to meet the market demand.

  The ultimate goal of the development of demolition of Container House buildings is to provide customers with a cost-effective building products by the system integrator.

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