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Container House Ultra Low Energy Consumption

- Jul 27, 2017 -

  Container House ultra low energy consumption

  At the first building development forum held in China, the deputy director of the National Building Materials Industry Information Service introduced the position and function of building materials in the development of ecological green buildings.

  The construction industry is a large number of resources and energy consumption, the face of population growth arising from the demand, as well as the traditional energy depletion, deterioration of the ecological environment, rising energy costs and a series of problems, building energy conservation potential.

  And how to maintain the ecological balance, but also a smooth shift to green energy, resources and sustainable development, become the construction industry to solve the problem. Container House And the recent rise of the Container House will play a major role in building energy efficiency!

  China's consumption of 3 billion tons of coal in 2014, during which efforts to control the number of coal in less than 4 billion tons, the construction of low-energy buildings and zero-emission buildings for building energy-saving significance is very significant.

  Yu Ke container, Container House

  Relying on good building envelope material, the Container House design saves more than 90% of the building's energy consumption, which relieves the remaining 5% to 10% of renewable energy to reduce the burden of renewable energy by nearly 10 times Space and spare capacity to solve the bathing, cooking, lighting and other building energy needs, and ultimately to achieve real zero energy consumption and zero emissions.

  New capacity is basically no carbon dioxide emissions, including the main pollutants that cause haze of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The use of renewable green building materials and building envelope structure, to develop passive room, you can achieve zero energy consumption, zero emissions, and even negative emissions of green buildings.

  Building materials industry and new capacity industry in the Container House as the representative of a new round of green building industry revolution has come, will benefit the people, Container House benefit people's livelihood, building energy-saving low-carbon society and building a beautiful China to make a positive contribution.

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