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Why Is Container House So Popular?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

With the development of China's economy, along with the development of the container containers, activities, board room and other container activities room gradually accepted by people, and more and more popular, widely used in all corners of our lives, why the Container House welcome? Different activities, compared to their respective advantages and where it is reflected? Here we all come together to see it

First, the product advantages:

1, more humane: good insulation effect, Dongnuanxialiang, clean, comfortable and safe life; refined and elegant, beautiful and generous.

2, durable: all composed of steel, with a strong anti-seismic, anti-deformation ability; sealing performance, waterproof fire anti-corrosion.

3, environmental protection and energy conservation: As a result of that is used immediately, used to immediately hang with a crane, do not produce any garbage; recycling more energy efficient.

4, the combination of flexible: multiple boxes can be any combination of conference rooms, dormitories, kitchen, bathroom, and very fast.

5, easy disassembly: housing for the overall structure, Zhengxiang \ a crane on the train can be transported to the destination, the scene hoisting, the day to stay, Container House demolition is also similar.

6, easy to move: the crane can be used to move the entire container to any location

Second, the use of leasing approach, reduce customer use costs.

Comparison of the safety of living container and activity board room

Living containers and activities board room as a temporary housing, but we choose the product, often only look at the price comparison, while ignoring them

Safety comparison. We have not considered, if that day occurred in the earthquake, fire, typhoon, debris flow and other natural disasters, the kind of product safer, can be more effective to reduce the loss of it?

The so-called security refers to the product of the shock resistance, Container House fire resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, wind protection. Here we compare these two features

Seismic resistance

Materials and light steel, bolts, steel wire and other combinations, the hardness is small, less resistance to change in the earthquake prone to collapse, damage.

The entire box around the whole steel to build, and all the welding structure, very strong, anti-resistance, in the earthquake is not easy to deformation, damage.

Fire resistance

The material is relatively easy to burn at high temperatures

The entire exterior of the box is steel, which is the fire of the sandwich panel material, fire strong.


Because it is temporary assembly, sealing is poor, the impact of floods, tsunami resistance is small.

The entire box welded together, good sealing, in addition to doors and windows, the other is sealed, waterproof better

Corrosion resistance

Materials such as sandwich panels in the case of sun and rain prone to corrosion deterioration.

All the welding of the external walls of the box coated with a very strong anti-corrosion paint, good corrosion resistance.


Material lighter, temporary assembly, easy to deformation, less resistance, easy to be typhoon blowing, blowing collapse.

Products and steel to build, each box weight of 3 tons, the general typhoon can not blow away.

Conclusion: The comprehensive safety performance of residential containers is better than that of the activities. Therefore, it is recommended that people from all walks of life, Container House especially those in the construction industry, take full account of their safety when choosing products. This is the responsibility of employees. From the earthquake in Japan, we can see that although the container was caught by the tsunami, but most still did not be destroyed.

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