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Container House In The Development Of China's Market Situation?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

With the increase in the use of Container House, container houses will provide more convenience for people to provide temporary housing for different uses. What is the current situation in China's development? How will the future of development be carried out? Living container manufacturers to everyone to explore the next.

The earliest of the courtyard housing to the present high-rise buildings, over the years of continuous transformation, courtyard has been very little. The construction of the container at the same time the building is also very common. Originally living in the courtyard it, neighborhoods can often chat with the very lively. And moved into the high-rise buildings to live, then the contact between the neighborhood less, life on the boring.

As we can choose to live in container houses, container houses wonderful, you understand? Do you know? Wonderful, is beautiful, excellent. Where is the beauty? The exterior of the container house can be replaced at random, creating a beautiful and unique shape. Where is the best? The container house has a number of high quality features, roof, ground, circuit system complete factory prefabrication, so that the site is easy to install, fast, shorten the time from the building to the use of housing. The steel structure makes the house the ability to resist 120 km / h of wind speed; the lightweight structure makes the house show good integrity when it encounters earthquakes that are stronger than the earthquake fortification intensity by 8 degrees. Housing can be the overall transport, but also compressed packaging transport, on-site production of small, transported to the scene after use. Housing can be recycled, sustainable use for 20 years, the use of the process does not produce any construction waste. The roof is designed with a waterproof structure to enhance the airtightness and watertightness of the building. Housing factory, according to the practical application, choose plus plus pants and other decorative accessories. Is it a pity that such a good container house can only be used for construction sites? If it is used in people's lives, in order to better reflect its characteristics. Container houses can be built together a few houses, so that you can have a number of houses, with the same courtyard. Can live with a friend's neighbors, from the past can be bustling life.

The use of container houses more and more common, and now its rapid development, has become a development of a good project, functional diversity of housing to better meet the needs of the market. Let the Container House open up a new market! Life rare a few wonderful, this time is not exciting, more time to be?

Gradually revolutionary container houses

As we all know, container houses are developed by the container. In the past, people only used the container as an iron box for loading items, did not consider its other applications, but how to deal with the old container? It is a pity to abandon the words, so people choose the popular return and re-refining, but this method is a high energy consumption, high pollution process. Therefore, people once again study how to deal with containers, and later burst inspiration that can be transformed into a house, so that the Container House on the initial formation.

Container houses in the "green, low-carbon energy" concept. Easy to disassemble, superior performance, stable and solid, good shock performance, low cost and a series of advantages have been sought after by young people at home and abroad, has gradually become fashionable. This is also designed for its injection of fresh blood, improve the comfort of the activities of the room, security. So, with the optimization of technology, the progress of the times, mobile housing market will become increasingly broad.

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