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Steel structure the steel knowledge

- Dec 07, 2015 -

1. steel length

⑴the standard length of train tracks have both 12.5M and 25m.

B bar, wire rod, steel wire size in mm of diameter d (mm) number of calibration.

⑶square steel dimensions are in mm of side length a (mm) number of calibration.

⑷hexagonal, octagonal steel dimensions, to Edge s mm (mm) number of calibration.

⑸dimensions of flat steel with width b and thickness d in mm (mm) number of calibration.

⑹beams, channels the size of waist-high h, leg width b and lumbar d mm thick (mm) number of calibration.

⑺size angle steel with equal width b and thickness d mm (mm) number of calibration. Equilateral angle steel to siding b, b and d mm thick (mm) number of calibration.

Web height h h h size, flange width b and webs T1, T2 flange thickness mm thickness (mm) number of calibration.

2.steel plate and steel band length

⑴General d mm plate thickness (mm) number of calibration. While the steel belt width b and thickness d in mm (mm) number of calibration.

⑵provided in sheet steel of different sizes, such as hot-rolled steel plate: 1mm thick steel plate, have a length width 600x 2000mm;650x2000mm;700x1420mm;750x1500mm;900x1800mm;1000x2000mm.

3.the length of the pipe size

⑴General pipe outside diameter d, diameter and wall thickness s in mm (mm) number of calibration.

⑵provided in each tube of different sizes, such as seamless steel tube outer diameter 50mm, wall 2.5-10MM 15; 5mm or the same wall thickness, diameter 32-195mm 29. And as the walls of the welded steel pipe nominal diameter 25mm thick 3.25mm steel tube and 4mm of thickened steel pipes.

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