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To undertake space membrane structure of steel structure

- Dec 07, 2015 -

Shenzhen HEG space membrane technology development co, Ltd is a professional membrane structure film and space engineering, technology development, design, maintenance and other related services company and diversified into steel, lighting Studio, awning work, net ru, construction steel, building-block template, PC board design and construction, glass curtain walls and landscaping business. Company has engaged in a number of the early industry of membrane structure engineering and installation of high quality talent, the dozens of priority project design and development, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, and "build a tangible, the pursuit of unlimited" business philosophy, continue to pursue work perfect, fully maintain the company's unique position in the field of membrane structure. Membrane construction because of its simple, elegant surface design and excellent optics, mechanics, thermal insulation, fire-resistant, waterproof, self-cleaning property known as the 21st century building. Membrane structure engineering is architecture, mechanical, chemical as one of high-tech engineering, materials science, and computer science. Construction of membrane structure at home and abroad, mainly to the following areas: 1) major sports facilities: baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, swimming pool and so on. 2) Entertainment Center, galleries, concert halls, waiting rooms and large meeting place. 3) supermarket and Hotel Atrium, galleries, etc. 4) hangar, parking lots, warehouses and so on. 5) Beach shade structures, parks and other tourist places. 6) Garden, yard and other essays and beautiful city street we will always adhere to the scientific concept of technical innovation, with a sincere heart struck wide in the customer, has the attitude of excellence dedicated to the community more excellent projects

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