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Considerations for construction scheme of hoisting of steel structure base

- Dec 07, 2015 -

Policy – based on drawings, specifications for the guidelines, strictly implement the relevant national safety regulations.

Reliability-steel construction safety first and ensure the feasibility of the programme, increasing its reliability. Whichever method is used, first consider whether the programme had the precedents and supporting equipment, you must plan. Checking construction according to the characteristic structure, this method structural stability during the construction phase, stress and deformation of the rod, it meets the requirements. Use machinery and equipment can meet the installation requirements. Construction site the criteria are met, such as civil engineering environment and surrounding structures, are restricting the implementation of the programme.

Advanced – with the development of science and technology, steel structure installation in the area of new technologies, new equipment abound. Such as the advent of large-tonnage cranes, synchronize computer controlled integral lift and sliding technology for the structures installed to add a new chapter. Especially the large steel structure project in field conditions and structure of the permitting, we should vigorously promote the use of new technologies, new processes as possible, reduce the amount of Spider-man, constantly improve the efficiency of installation of steel structures.

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