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My Heart--2015 First Quarter Quarter Model Of The Year Award

- Dec 07, 2015 -

Dear colleagues and leaders, everyone! I am Wang Kui. Joined the design Department of the company in September 2014. As a design Department employee, meetings for six months at a time, and the election of 2015 first quarter's pacesetters, thanks to the company's leadership, Department head gives me such a high honor, I feel very happy. Glad for the conceal the excited mood where I just want to use three words to express my feelings at the moment.

The first words are to thank. To receive this award, I would like to thank the leadership of the company the trust, support and encouragement, and I thank colleagues for help, I sincerely thank you!

The second word is pride. I am very proud in the young years of life, came to nongpoh company. In the company's culture, trust in the leadership and the help of my colleagues, I was able to grow, let me learn not just more knowledge, more know more people doing things reasonable.

The third word is action. In order to thank the leaders and colleagues, I trust, I will thank and gratitude into action this will offer their wisdom and strength to the company, hard work, and strive to do better!

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