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First Quarter Of 2015 Conference

- Dec 07, 2015 -

In the season of spring, flowers, long wave structure, Ltd, Shanghai in the afternoon of April 10, 2015, in a conference room on the second floor of the company, held a meeting in the first quarter of the year. To attend the meeting include Department heads, members of staff of the various departments. Through this meeting, enemy, total first-quarter sales, engineering, summarizes the management work and work plan for the second quarter was arranging and deployment.

First quarter of 2015 Conference attendees

Enemies always first to introduce new members of the company: budget Department budget posts, Xu Qin. At the meeting, enemy, sum of all heads of departments, colleagues, budget to join, extend a warm welcome. Xu Qin performance this time also gave a positive: positive attitude, and a strong sense of responsibility. Joining less than a month, has helped companies achieve more budget bidding projects. Meanwhile, General Cho also emphasized the company has established rules and regulations for implementation. Hope the staff, departments, strengthening the enforcement and supervision of the system, system will truly perform.

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