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Your Birthday We PARTY--employee Birthdays

- Dec 07, 2015 -

In the journey of life, and year after year. Busy lives have brought joy to birthday and even forgot his birthday. However, the company held birthday parties are forever fixed in my mind, moving in my heart forever.

Outside spring breeze is pleasantly warm, spring, green faint, warm wind blowing, warm afternoon sun shone on the window sill. In April, on a sunny day. I took part in the long-wave birthday party held for the staff of the company. Birthday party scene, bonsai, flowers, exquisite cakes, makes us feel the warmth of home; leadership colleagues and gentle smiles, sincere blessings let us suddenly filled with warm things. Filled with sweet, taste. When the candle is lit, birthday song slowly rang, I say a heartfelt wish: wish everyone happiness and let nongpoh tomorrow will be better! Holding the beautiful cards, sing the birthday song of blessing, and soft sweet cake with melted into memory mind that moistens our hearts.

The party is not just a birthday party. This little card, full of leadership to the staff for their hard work recognized and the staff's warm greetings and gratitude. Also resided in the new year on employee's expectations included is more silent warmth, concern and love breath mingled.

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