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Contemporary Green Buildings Preferred Steel Structure

- Dec 07, 2015 -

Today's society, the steel structure is the most important content of green building materials, green building is structural engineer a lifetime pursuit of glory, but in China's green building policy, only a wall of energy saving, solar energy, etc, and skeleton of steel structure material with very little. This has resulted in many of our country's large-scale steel structure engineering of bulky and weird. At present, the design and construction of steel structure in our country is: "design" create difficulties "construction" to on. Good steel is green building, good steel structure must be structural materials, energy-saving wall, maximize function, minimal impact on the environment, provide people with healthy, comfortable space. And within the life cycle of buildings to meet the concept of sustainable development.

Landa·weier and luobote·weier in 1991 year co-authored the book of green building-sustainable design. Explore the road of sustainable construction in developed countries, known as "green building challenge", that is, using new materials, new technology, new design, new equipment, new technology, integrated design, construction when meeting on resource and energy consumption at least. Greatest United States architecture, structural master fuller (Fuller) structural philosophy: less (fee) (in)-provides maximum capacity with minimal structure (Doing the Most with the Least). In high-rise steel structure in long-span steel roof and, more than 100 years, developed countries have used steel (Japan has exceeded the number of steel 70%), and can achieve the three core values of steel structure. High-rise full steel structure in the top three in the world are in the United States, China's steel output power, in the steel structure project construction is far behind the United States and other Western countries. Of course, we the people are not far behind, in recent years, the steel structure has gradually been accepted by Chinese steel company more and more Shanghai steel company has more than 1000 branches of varying size, we have realized the advantages of steel structure green.

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