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Resolve problems during construction of steel structures

- Dec 07, 2015 -

And welding processes. Can say this part is most likely to occur during the entire steel structure construction quality problems, and operator of technology is directly related to the arrangements for the operation. By analyzing the accidents that have taken place in the past can be seen in many cases are caused because of welding problems and structural abnormalities. See the importance of this step, Min Xuan steel structure spared no expense to develop their own professional welders, and all through the professional testing tools welding inspection, to ensure that no accidents occur as a result of welding, which is particularly well received by the majority of customers praise and recognition.

Second, the coating process can not be ignored. Compared to welding process, coating processes is important because it ensures that the component surface intact. Like Min Xuan steel structure each of the steel structure construction in Shanghai to operate professional coating technology, and thus ensure that the surface is not enough film thickness, surface shedding and so on.

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