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More price advantage of steel structure in high-rise building

- Dec 07, 2015 -

In the real estate market, we often hear such a feeling of steel structure residence is good, but the cost is too high, hindering the spread in the market. However, leader in the steel company in Shanghai, Min Xuan steel founder of Xia Xueyun said steel prices so high now, was fired up by a real estate developer, in fact, its cost to traditional reinforced concrete housing. There are ideas, on the surface, the high cost of steel residence, can be balanced through the build process to be digested.

Compared to steel reinforced concrete residential engineering and traditional, comprehensive benefit of steel structure residential building construction and has incomparable advantages: weight is light, lighter than reinforced concrete structure 30%~50%; small cross-section, Interior architectural layout flexibility, compared with reinforced concrete structures can increase the effective area of about 8%; construction is convenient, short period, not under the influence of climate and season, building speed. Generally, within a single two-storey steel structure housing the main structure from manufacturing to the site installed for only 10 days or so, use only 1 from the Foundation to the new delivery month, and similar concrete homes take 2 months. This greatly save construction time and labour costs. Thus especially suitable for Shanghai steel plant steel structure, steel sheds, large areas of the building.

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