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Precision-fit steel structure residence in China's future development prospects and development direction

- Dec 07, 2015 -

Steel structure housing design is modular, standardized, serialized features, you can meet the requirement of factory and Assembly of and superior seismic performance, degree of industrial high, short construction period, comprehensive technical and economic indexes. Particularly suitable for steel sheds, steel plants and so on. Industrialization of architecture is based on the production of precast and Assembly construction for production, design standardization, component parts, construction mechanization, into characteristics of management information can be integrated design, production and construction of the whole industrial chain, building energy-saving, environmental protection, sustainable development of life cycle to maximize the value of new construction methods.

First of all strengthen the Government prefabricated steel structure housing industrialization promotion. In the promotion of construction of prefabricated steel structure residential roads, the guiding role of the Government should not be neglected. Relevant departments of the State shall establish appropriate incentives and supporting policies for completed demonstration projects should provide summary information in a timely manner, making it a model of development in the future. In addition, the Government should also invest a certain amount of research funding, encouraging research institutes to carry out light steel structure housing and technology related to the research. To strengthen the Government's role in the process of prefabricated steel structure housing industrialization through construction of housing industrialization in the Government-led project, helps promote industrialized housing production product accepted by the market, but also through the demonstration effect of the Government, drives the development of housing industrialization

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