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Personal security without delay

- Dec 07, 2015 -

Today we have constant innovation, continue to draw some of the best in this industry to develop better in the future. "Constant innovation and continuous research and development of technology, constantly improve themselves" the three phases will be an important prerequisite for international doors we eventually. Terminal to achieve lasting breakthrough in our industry, we must take the initiative, instead of in circles, so that your industry's "glorious" will rising slowly in the vast sky.

In Conference of last a link, focus to mentioned has building of security hidden: "security first, production second", "quality security first, time second" of development concept, because had in engineering Shang has many of brothers for pay had is big of cost, Chairman said here also laughing go to aside toward distance shake shake a worship, Taiwan Xia by some people was he of this a moves infection to has.

After the meeting, the Chairman of "why there is this far thanks to move it? "Xia Xueyun says:" they returned to the home several times a year, once broke his body because of work, or even lost their lives. Construction services is very dangerous, and we only do rest assured products, to be responsible for the safety of their lives, to get more people and get a great joy.

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