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FAQ on construction site

- Jan 14, 2019 -


  1. What is the function of bridging on scaffolding?

    To prevent the longitudinal deformation of scaffolding and enhance the overall stiffness of scaffolding.

  2. What are the safety regulations for scaffolding when there are external power lines on the outside of the scaffolding?

    It is strictly forbidden to erect ramps with upper and lower scaffolding on the side of external power lines.

  3. Can the scaffolding be connected to the unloading platform?

    No, unloading platform should be set up independently.

  4. What is the height of the door scaffolding?

    Should not exceed 45 meters

  5. What protective equipment should scaffolding personnel wear?

    Wear safety helmet, seat belt and anti-skid shoes

  6. What are the safety requirements of integral hoist when lifting´╝č

    Standers are strictly prohibited when lifting

  7. How much is the top of the scaffold pole higher than the roof?

    The top of the pole should be 1 m above the parapet wall and 1.5 m above the eaves.

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