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Risk Factors For Installation Of Steel Structures

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Hazard Analysis and Safety Prevention and Control Measures of Steel Structure Components in Installation

1, the steel structure of the installation stage of the risk factors

1.1, steel column in place without correction when the temporary fixed is not strong, resulting in steel column dumping wounding, causing objects to combat the accident.

1.2, no safety on the steel ladder for construction workers vertical up and down, the construction staff using the original climbing up and down the steel column, climbing process due to fatigue or missed from the height of the fall.

1.3, steel columns and steel beams connected to the installation of personnel without reliable construction platform, staff vacant operations, Steel Structure steel beams are not set up life insurance cable, workers walking directly on the steel beam, there is a high risk of falling.

1.4, the installation of roof purlin, welding, docking, bolt fastening with a bamboo ladder or scaffolding board on the steel beam as a construction platform (which is the site of the more common construction methods), workers in the bamboo ladder Or scaffolding, the side of the construction will move forward bamboo ladder or scaffolding, such as bamboo ladder or scaffolding flawed, or moving between the workers with a tacit understanding will lead to bamboo ladder or scaffolding slide in the above construction workers all fall The And some even disguise the seat belt trouble, simply riding on the steel beam crawling, but the instability, easy to fall.

1.5, lifting the roof or maintenance purlin, the use of manual hoist fixed is not strong, prone to fall, resulting in objects to combat the accident.

1.6, the installation of the use of tools without safety rope, may lead to tool fall wounding.

1.7, the workers are not working properly when the use of safety belts, helmets and other safety equipment.

2, the steel structure of the installation phase of the security measures:

2.1, the steel column in place before the correction is not fixed, must be used with bolts, welding or cork on the bottom of the steel column to take a reliable temporary fixation measures, the upper part of the cable rope with a fixed. The components are not allowed to be decoupled before they are calibrated, welded, and installed.

2.2, in order to ensure the safety of construction workers up and down, hanging in the steel beam or steel ladder ladder, ladder up and down ends must be fixed firmly; to protect the safety of construction workers climbing up and down, Steel Structure in the ladder to set up a safety rope on the outside, Self-locking seat belts.

2.3, steel column, steel beam installation, purlin welding, docking, bolt fastening to ensure the safe operation of workers, you can set the operating platform or set up operations dedicated basket. The hanging basket hangs on a member provided on a steel column or a wing of a main beam. The operator will hang the seat belt on the steel beam or safety rope, the hanging basket hanging easy, safe and reliable, to the steel column beam docking installation, calibration, welding, ultrasonic testing to provide security. Steel Structure The size of the basket should be conducive to the installation of hanging, and the use of round steel production is strictly prohibited with rebar, and to ensure that the operator has sufficient operational space.

2.4, vertical and horizontal steel beams should be hanging safety wire rope, also known as the lifeline, hanging height of 1.2 meters, every 3 meters erected 1.2 meters steel pipe or angle iron for supporting safety rope, or take the basket bolts tightening way to prevent the safety The rope is too long to cause safety failure. Steel Structure When the worker walks on the steel beam, the seat belt must be hung on the safety rope.

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