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Design Of Steel Structure For The Construction Of The Main Points Of Attention

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Design of steel structure for the construction of the main points of attention

In the steel construction site, the main reference material is the steel structure design, its design for the success of the whole project has a significant relationship, if the design is unreasonable may be the project is a failure, so the structure of the system design is There is this very strict requirements, then in the design process need to pay attention to what?

Sometimes the user will find some steel structure in the use of a period of time after the roof will be leaking phenomenon, if this is caused by non-construction problems it is the early design of steel structure, because most of the steel structure of the roof are used Core board to do, in the design if you do not take into account the sun under the thermal expansion and contraction problem, the span design will be deviated, the roof of the outer board will appear a few broken, this is the culprit caused by leakage ; In the steel structure design, if there is gutter, tie bar can not be designed to close to the top of the column, or will be able to lead to the installation of water pipes can not be.

In addition, the gutter of water pipes and tie rods and the position between the pillars must be considered good, otherwise either touch the tie bar, or meet the column between the support. In the horizontal support, the location of the basket bolts should not be too deviated from the location of the main beam, should be considered how to install, how safe and reliable, and do not put the level of support and the corner together; in the steel structure design process, also To take into account a little bit of small details, such as when doing large-scale projects, we must map the number to deepen, to take into account the production and installation of convenient problems in the design of high-strength bolt position, And the torque wrench construction space, do not install, because the space is too small, twisting and torque wrench can not be in place, resulting in high-strength bolts plum head can not be twisted or high-strength bolts can not be tightened and so on. In the steel structure design is also important to take into account the external wall with what kind of building materials, with different materials design location is different.

There are many problems that do not have a comprehensive write, such as the node board, windows, beams and other places should pay attention to a lot of places, although the steel structure is simple and rapid, but the steel structure design is very complicated, Its influence is the greatest.

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