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Quarter Of The Third Quarter Of 2015 Model

- Dec 07, 2015 -


Xu Qin staff joined the Department of my company's budget in March 2015. Since the beginning of work in the budget Department, she worked hard, and do. Her budget Department tasks seriously can't have sloppy, always embrace and to make the work done within the specified time. She is the spirit of this concept work, from her work that can illustrate this point. Although her work experience is not much, but she is eager to learn, and do a little work on the summary. In a short period of time has been able to complete the budget accounts and the perfecting of the contract.

In this half a year's time, she has always been adhering to positive, attitude, style of work, can achieve in such a short period of time, not by flashy words, but through hard work pay. Her rigor, discipline, poise, introverted, studious qualities, is worth everybody study.

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