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Method Of Cooling Ventilation In Steel Structure Workshop

- Jul 03, 2017 -

  Method of Cooling Ventilation in Steel Structure Workshop

  Steel structure plant cooling: to the steel structure of the roof covered with insulation cotton, the general use of the roof insulation cotton is glass wool, commonly used thickness o 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, density 10kg / m. The installation of the general can reduce the indoor temperature of 5-8 ℃, the construction process is more complex, if the old plant to do insulation transformation, the need to remove the original roof, pull the steel wire mesh, laying glass wool on the wire mesh, Do waterproof treatment.

  Extremely efficient heat-reflective coating on the roof panel. This product insulation excellent insulation, can be in the metal, concrete, gray walls, wood structure surface, asbestos tile, plastic, glass steel, rubber and other surface coating. Coated with 0.25mm thick, the effect is equivalent to 10cm-15cm glass wool effect, it can reflect 99.5% infrared, 92.5% visible light, the maximum noise effect of 68%, even more than 50% sound insulation effect. Fire A level, completely noncombustible. Non-toxic safety, long-lasting durability, the service life of more than 15 years (specific introduction can refer to engineering materials file). If this method, the construction is convenient, no damage to the original roof, but also to prevent the aging of the roof. After the construction and construction of the plate surface temperature difference up to 20 ℃, indoor temperature difference of up to 8-10 ℃, steel plant power consumption can be reduced by 30-70%.

  Because some of the steel plant plant heat and water vapor, these hot air and water vapor if not discharged in time, will accumulate in the plant, so that the steel plant temperature rise affect the steel structure plant environment. The solution to these problems is to ensure that the plant reasonable ventilation, the installation of appropriate appropriate ventilation system. Fair exhaust system installation will significantly improve the steel structure of the plant air environment, a larger reduction in steel plant temperature.

  The non-powered ventilator is a ventilated device that relies on the air flow to the flow principle. When there is a difference in the indoor and outdoor air environment, air activity is generated to eliminate indoor exhaust and heat. Its strengths do not need extra power, more environmentally friendly. But the dependence on the environment is strong, can not force exhaust. The main products are turbine ventilator, strip ventilator (lighting with ventilation), roof ventilation, and so on.

  Installation of the roof forced exhaust fan: power fan is driven by a ventilation equipment. Its exhaust effect is good, can adapt to any environment of ventilation.

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