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How To Prevent The Foundation Sinking Of Steel Structure Workshop

- Jul 03, 2017 -

  How to prevent the foundation sinking of steel structure workshop

  How to prevent the foundation sinking of steel structure building should start from the base platform, when the steel structure plant per square metre to reach 25KG above the base platform needs to reach 1 meters high, 1 meters wide and 1 meters deep, each square metre of gray to 35KG above the steel structure plant needs to do the ring beam and 1.2 meters, the specific need to be based on the ground itself.

  When the steel structure plant has been completed, and did not do a good job in the early stage of investment, then how do we prevent the foundation of the steel structure sinking, simple is to strengthen, all the steel structure column with a-beam or groove to form a mesh. This method can prevent the foundation sinking of steel structure workshop.

  Installation Essentials of Steel structure

  (1) Coefficient of friction: in which F is the force of initial slippage measured by the test specimen, NF is the friction surface number and the sum of the measured values of the high-strength bolts corresponding to F.

  (2) Torque factor: in which D is the nominal diameter of high-strength bolts (mm), M is the torque value (n. m), and P is the bolt preload. The 10.9-stage high-strength large hexagonal bolt connection must ensure that the average torque coefficient k is 0.110 ~ 0.150. The standard deviation shall be less than or equal to 0.010.

  (3) Twist torque: In order to reduce the effect of the plate deformation during the fastening process of bolts, it can be used two times to tighten to reduce the mutual influence between the bolts. The first twist of High-strength bolts is the initial twist, so that its axial force should reach the standard axial force $number.

  (4) Final twist torque: high-strength bolts last tightening torque for the final twist torque. Considering the loss of all kinds of prestress, the final twisting torque is generally more $number than the torque value calculated by the design pretension theory.

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