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A Good Way To Prevent The Summer Heat In The Container House

- Sep 29, 2017 -

A good way to prevent the summer heat in the Container House

Summer is still coming, the temperature has climbed up in recent days, the staff engaged in outdoor operations must do a good job heatstroke some of the relevant work. Container House Through the previous explanation, we all know that the activity room now in a variety of pro-construction sites have a very wide range of applications, below we will take you to learn some about the activity of the summer cooling in the room some knowledge.

About the activity of the summer cooling, we have summed up for you the following aspects:

First, in the activity room construction as far as possible to increase the building windows or ventilation and other facilities, or install air-conditioning, Container House so as to ensure the structure of the air flow in the building.

Second, the steel structure of the movable house building can be used hollow steel components. For example, water can be filled in hollow steel components, because water has fluidity, can be recycled continuously to ensure that steel components inside is always cold water, so from the inside to reduce the temperature of the steel structure itself, to achieve the purpose of summer cooling.

Third, in the movable room wall column fills the glass fiber, in the building exterior wall and the roof use thermal insulation material to be able to use for a long time and can heat insulation, effectively cut off through the wall column to the outer wall of the thermal bridge, Container House the floor between the joists filled with glass fiber, reduce the heat transfer through the floor, all the walls of the wall between the wall columns are filled with glass fiber, To achieve the purpose of summer cooling.

Four, if the construction conditions allow, can be planted on the roof of the movable room green plant, using green plants to the activity room cooling, this is a long-term effective summer measures.

Five, can be in the movable roof and surrounding water, Container House to achieve temporary cooling purposes.

Six, the choice of quality trustworthy activities of the Board of Housing enterprises, because the quality of thermal insulation to the activity room cooling is also a certain role.

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