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It Is Imperative To Improve The Fire Resistance Of Steel Structure

- Sep 29, 2017 -

It is imperative to improve the fire resistance of steel structure

Autumn is a dry season, usually in such a dry climate, it is easy to cause a fire, so in such weather, steel fire performance is very important to improve the fire resistance of steel structure is imperative. Reinforced steel truss floor as one of the important materials of steel structure, fire is particularly important, then how to improve the fire resistance of steel structure?

Reinforced steel truss is a kind of non-burning role in the construction of a material, it has anti-seismic, and that the role of bending and other characteristics. Reinforced steel truss floor is a load that can be relatively dependent on the ability to build a load, and is also a desirable beauty of the planned beauty of the building, so the steel is favored by the construction industry as well as single, multi-storey, skyscrapers, Probably said the plant, the Treasury, and said waiting room, etc., waiting room are all non-stop, but to deal with the acceptance of steel is very wide.

Reinforced steel trusses are usually in the 450 ~ 650 ℃ temperature, usually the same will lose the carrying capacity, resulting in a large deformation of the role, resulting in steel columns, and said steel beam bending, the effect due to excessive deformation Less than the use of inheritance. Therefore, the steel truss floor of the fire cover is particularly important.

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