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Characteristics of Steel Structure House

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Characteristics of Steel Structure House

Steel structure building design and construction time is short, steel structure components used for construction can be factory production and site installation, which can greatly shorten the construction time and save time; space is large: because the compressive and lateral bending strength of steel are 1.5 times of concrete, so under the condition of the same strength, section can be reduced and effective space can be increased; can be recycled: steel knot: steel knot Construction materials can be recycled, which reduces a lot of construction waste. 

The steel structure has good seismic performance, because it belongs to flexible structure and has light deadweight, it can effectively reduce the impact of earthquake response and disasters, and is beneficial to earthquake resistance. Poor fire resistance: the thermal conductivity of steel is far greater than that of reinforced concrete, and its fire resistance is far worse than that of concrete structure. 

When the temperature reaches 600 C, the steel structure will basically lose all its strength and stiffness. Therefore, fire resistance is regarded as an important part of steel structure buildings; corrosion resistance is poor: because iron atoms on the surface of steel and oxidation in the air will produce iron oxide rust, rust can cause stress concentration, thus endangering the use safety of steel structure buildings and shortening the service life of steel structure buildings, so effective anti-corrosion measures can be taken to ensure the use time of steel structure buildings.

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