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Turbine Air Ventilator

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Application of Turbine Air Ventilator

workshop, warehouse, stock farm, civil residences, etc..

Advantages of Turbine Air Ventilator

1. Many industrial factories, especially color steel sheet buildings, have poor heat dissipation conditions and abnormal sultry in summer, resulting in low work efficiency and poor product quality. Adding no-power roof fan can effectively improve indoor air quality, provide comfortable working environment and improve working efficiency.

2. Many industries, due to the special nature of production, cause air pollution in factories. Not only the environmental quality is low, but in the long run, the health of employees is bound to be harmed. However, the installation of powerless roof fans can improve the indoor ventilation effect and effectively protect the health of employees.

3. In many fire accidents, people are often choked by smoke. For example, the installation of a powerless roof fan can quickly and massively discharge smoke, giving people more escape space, so it is also a safety device.

Turbine Air Ventilator

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