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Prefab Portable Steel Cabin House

Prefab Portable Steel Cabin House

Prefab Portable Steel Cabin house manufacturers in china Portable Cabin,steel cabin house,Portable steel Cabins View of Company: Steel Structure Portable cabin house: 1. The prefab portable cabin house or home featured with stronger structure and beautiful appearance. It is widely used as family...

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Prefab Portable Steel Cabin house manufacturers in china

View of Company:


Prefab portable steel cabin house:

1. The prefab portable cabin house or home featured with stronger structure and beautiful appearance. It is widely used as family home, workers' dormitories, office site and temporary hotel etc.

2. The roof type can be double slope roof structure and flat roof structure. And the structure are combined with different type of channel steel.

3. The wall panel and roof panel usually use color steel sandwich panel. EPS, PU,glass wool or Rock wool are provided for your choice. 

4. We can provide water system, electricity system, ceiling, floor and other related other facilities such as kitchen,rang hood,stove, washing room with toilet, shower, sink,washing basin etc for your choice.

5. They will be well packed into 20 feet container or 40 feet containers. About 150 square meters material can be loaded into one 40 HQ container.

6. After the steel structure materials arrive on the site, we can dispatch an experienced engineers to your site to guiding the installation and training your workers at the same time.

portable cabin residence building construction technical properties.

The products manufactured by us are ISO 9001- 2000 quality certified.


External and internal wall panels:

A-Internal and external walls: Is double surface color steel sandwich panel with thickness of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

B-For heat insulation hard polystyrene foam in 50 mm thickness is used.

C-Heat conducting coefficient is: K: 0.64 kcal/m 2 hc.


Aluminum alloy window or plastic steel window


Steel wood door or sandwich panel door


Ceramic tile or plastic flooring

1).Clients need to do foundation after the order, based on our foundation drawing.
2).After container arrives on site, unload the goods, and assemble onsite.
3).We provide supervisor for extra charge if need.

4).Installation efficiency: About four skilled labors can assemble 40 sqm house in 8 hours without accessories.

Foundation Requirements for Prefabricated Houses
1.The foundation of prefabricated houses determines whether the prefabricated houses are stable or not, so the foundation construction of prefabricated houses is very important.
2.The foundation of prefabricated houses is usually hardened with concrete.
3.The thickness of concrete hardened ground depends on the height of prefabricated houses. Generally, the thickness of single-layer is 150mm, that of two-layer is 250mm, and that of three-layer is 350mm.
4.The length and width of concrete hardened ground should be about 200mm~300mm larger than the frame size of the prefabricated houses.
5.When pouring concrete hardened ground, the horizontal error shall be controlled within 20mm.



If you have any request for prefab portal steel house building, please feel free to contact Mr.Andy by followings:


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