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Steel Structure Stables

Steel Structure Stables

Steel structure stableMain Structure(Steel tube truss system ) we adaopt hot-DIP galvanized C section or steel tube truss beam to reduce sef-weight of design load and dosage of the steel. At the same

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Product Details

Design Description of the Steel Structure Stables
Steel structure stables is the surroundings for horse living. It should fit the ecological needs of the horses. The construction, location and ancillary facilities of the stable play important roles in horse breeding. Thus, during building the stables, we should take into full consideration of the geographic position, topography, surroundings, wind direction, source of water, drainage, epidemic prevention, transportation and other factors. 

The standard stable we build including 10 single rooms:

1 straw storage room, 

1 saddlery chamber, 

1 lounge for breeder, 

2 brush rooms and 1 room for horse bathing. 

The area of every single room is 12m2, the width is 3m, the clear height of the house is 3.49m. We provide customized design according to different clients' requirements and the number of the horses. As for the basic design, we use Galvanized square pipe as roof truss, thermal insulation composite board combined with metal tile as roof panel, rock wool light green wall as exterior wall panel, green bamboo board to ornament interior wall panel, professional sliding horse door. It is elegant, firm, safe and convenient. It also takes full advantage of space and reduce the harm for horse by using lattice column.

1. Main structure: built up or hot rolled H beam or Pipes.                       

2. Purlin: galvanized C purlin and Z purlin       

3. Roof cladding: EPS / Rock wool /Fiber glass/PU sandwich panel or other materials

5. Tie rod: circular steel tube                    

6. Wall or roof Brace: round bar or angel steel finish with hot dipped galvanizing or anti rust primer paint                  

7. Column bracing and transverse brace: angle steel or H section steel or steel pipe                    

8. Knee brace: angle steel                         

9. Roof gutter: color steel sheet, Galvanized steel sheet, Aluminum sheet and stainless steel sheet

10. Rain spout: PVC pipe or steel sheet material or aluminum pipes                                         

11. Connections: high strength bolts     

12. Surface finishing: hot dipped galvanizing or anti rust primer coating


First, you tell us the building details that you need. we propose a scheme if it is satisfied your requirement. if not, we will revise until fitting for your requirement.

Second, we sign the contract and we will provide the construction drawing should confirm from you.

Third, then we will arrange to produce the project of yours.

Four, we arrange loading and delivery. you will receive the products soon.

Easy to do the business, let's talk about details today.


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