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Trip To Qiandao Lake-autumn Activities

- Dec 07, 2015 -

To enrich the cultural life of employees and enhance cohesion and employees a sense of belonging, let the staff at busy work fun, back to nature, on November 15, 2014-16th, organized a "happy, happy life" autumn activities, the autumn campaign chose the West suburb of Hangzhou, located in Zhejiang Province, national AAAAA scenic district----in the Chunan Qiandao Lake.

The morning of November 15, employees arrive on the company collection, 7 o'clock exactly. Windows: sunny, crisp autumn; compartment: laughter, enthusiastic and excited. Unconsciously, the tour buses come to the famous "forest oxygen-bar" area. Here the deep canyon, pine shadows, bordered stream, flowers. "Forest oxygen-bar" for forests, springs, rocks, streams, waterfalls as the base, with high forest air is extremely beneficial to human health on the content of negative oxygen ions and plant essence ecological factors, such as features, fresh breeze blowing, everyone seems to forget the fatigue of the journey, in the nature, feels like the people are relaxed, refreshed. Here against one tree bridge, forest fragrant smell, oxygen-enriched air, feel the wild Reiki and experience deep tranquility and peace, perception of harmony that is closely related to life and nature. Soon day near dusk, nightfall, we reluctantly leave the forest oxygen-bar area.

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