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Production And Transportation Control Of Steel Structure Workshop

- Jun 05, 2017 -

  Production and transportation control of steel structure workshop

  The precise size of the steel structure factory is the basic and precondition to ensure the accuracy of the overall structural size and the smooth installation of the steel structure plant, so we must accurately grasp the straightness and distortion of the steel column, the distance between the connecting hole of the column and the beam to the column bottom plate, the machining precision of the connecting hole itself, the straightness of the roof beam and the machining accuracy of the column-beam connecting plate, the position dimension of the beam and column, the position dimension of the purlin pallet, etc.

  At present, the column of steel structure factory is manufactured by outsourcing H steel or plate assembling, if it is a ready-made H-beam processing, the production precision of the pillars is easy to control; if it is assembled from the plate, the steel column should be shaped after assembling and welding to ensure the steel column straightness and prevent distortion. Most of the roof beams are herringbone structures, often assembled from 2 or 4. Roofing beams are generally made by the production side of the plate assembled, and the beam of the web is often irregular quadrilateral, technical ability of manufacturers to the layout of the abdomen plate can be accurately mastered, and the weak technical capacity of the manufacturers of the abdomen plate lofting size is biased. Because of the shape and dimension of the roof girder, the tightness of the connection between the beam and the column, the size of the webs directly affects the shape and size of the beam, which is especially important. In the design of general steel structure building, the roof girder often has a certain arch requirement, the aim is to cancel the overall installation, beam due to its own and the effect of the roof load caused by the deflection, so that just reach the installation size. The height of the arch is determined by the design. In order to ensure the camber, the shape and size of the roof beam must be adjusted, from this aspect, the fabrication difficulty of the beam is Yu Ju. In the field inspection, we will beam the shape of the size and end of the junction plate to make the key inspection items, the purpose is to ensure the overall effect of the installation, to ensure that the tightness between the beam and column.

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