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Problems In The Construction Process Of Steel Structure Engineering

- Jul 14, 2017 -

  Problems in the Construction Process of Steel Structure Engineering

  Processing and production process more prone to quality problems and post-processing is very difficult to deal with the main process is a special and important processes. Steel Structure The percentage of quality problems in the general process is small. In the above construction process, the special process of welding, painting, an important process of cutting, assembly.

  1. welding process. The process is a hidden project, is also the most prone to quality problems in one of the processes, from 2004 a company's product quality report statistics show that the quality of the process occurred: because the welding quality caused by the weld repair rate as high as 80% , Followed by the operation on the road and the operator's technical problems caused by the weld quality problems accounted for about 10%, Steel Structure so the problem is a direct impact on the quality of the main problems, so this type of problem must be professional testing company to use professional Of the detection tool can be detected, judged out, generally based on the type of defect within the weld is divided into slag, not melting, stomata and so on.

  2. Painting process. The process is also a hidden process, the impact on the structure is less than the impact on the building function. But also more prone to quality problems of the process. The quality of the process is mainly manifested in: the large surface of the surface of the paint film shedding and local off, the surface of the paint film off, resulting in sagging phenomenon, the film thickness is not enough, uneven film thickness distribution, Steel Structure paint color difference Larger.

  3. Stake out the cutting process. This process belongs to the faucet before the processing of the component, its quality is good or bad on the next process there is a direct impact, and even lead to all the parts of the scrap, this situation is very common, so before the cut for It is important and necessary to strengthen the quality control of the process. The quality problems of the process are mainly manifested in the fact that the deformation of the parts of the long and thin plate type is more severe in the cutting process. As the cutting gas or the slab and the uneven distribution of the composition inside the plate, , Nodules, cutting depth of ultra-standard; gas cutting or sawing parts do not take into account the subsequent process of shrinkage caused by the size of parts exceeded; due to the preparation of the process documentation errors caused by bulk parts scrap; Size is more than the standard requirements.

  4. Assembly process. This process occupies an important position in the quality of component processing, and its quality is greatly influenced by the above process, so it is very important to monitor the process before assembly. The quality of the process is mainly manifested in: the assembly of the parts of the wrong position, Steel Structure such as 3450mm loaded into 4350mm; parts of the use of the error, should be equipped with 2 # parts, the assembly is 3 # other parts; parts In the correct position on the assembly error, such as the hole on the plate 45mm was outward, and the actual 45mm towards the interior; assembly parts assembly gap than the specifications and technical documents, 3mm gap 7mm; some parts have not been Correction of the assembly, the assembly has been completed after the deformation has no way to eliminate the deformation; operator for the province to save the private parts of the hole on the location of the size of excessive; installed welding area without surface treatment; due to the wrong size of the drawings caused by assembly errors.

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