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Container House Use And Purchase Notes

- Sep 18, 2017 -

With the rapid development of China's foreign trade economy, the annual demand for containers is increasing, so naturally every year a huge number of containers are used for shipping and a large number of abandoned containers out of service ranks. For these older or abandoned containers, how do we use it? Here we come to introduce: second-hand container use and purchase notes.

First, second-hand container use

1. The container ready-made unit module provides the simplest, reliable, and mass-efficient, basic building blocks for temporary buildings.

2. The container can be reused as much as possible. At the completion of the urban renewal, the residents of the temporary building will be able to return to the terminal for cargo after returning to their homes, regardless of the cost of recycling the waste material from the temporary construction.

3. Uniform size of container (special container). Without the need to develop the appropriate rules and technical equipment support, saving the construction process of the development process.

4. Containers are easier to clean and disinfect to keep clean (direct use of high pressure pipes to flush surfaces).

Second, the structural characteristics of container houses

Container house is a new concept of eco-economic activities of the house, is a kind of light steel as the skeleton to sandwich panels for the envelope material, the standard modular space combination, the components are bolted, can be easily and quickly Assembly and demolition, to achieve the temporary building of the general standardization, environmental protection and energy conservation, efficient and efficient architectural ideas. Can be moved anytime, anywhere, for people to bring more convenient and comfortable life. Through the solar photovoltaic panels for indoor electricity, solar water heaters can be heating, water supply, indoor shower, domestic water discharge by the sewage treatment system for purification in order to re-use.

Used container room purchase notes

1. To determine the regular sale of containers, second-hand container transaction procedures can have.

2. Look at the old and new cabinet, rust can not be too much.

3. Check the inside of the container for signs of light and water leakage.

4. container floor is good, the top of the container and around the degree of bumps, container maintenance patches and so on.

5. Second-hand containers are allowed to repair, but as long as the seal after the seal can not be sealed.

6. second-hand container does not mean that can not be used, but to the provisions of the international maritime service after the mandatory retirement. Most of the retired containers can continue to be used for 5 to 10 years.

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