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Container House Can Be Quickly And Easily Assembled And Disassembled

- Oct 25, 2017 -

The container is a kind of light steel as the skeleton, with the sandwich board as the enclosure material, the standard modular series of space combination, the components are bolted, can be quickly and easily assembled and dismantled, to achieve the temporary standardization of temporary building The Here we come to introduce: container mobile room classification and use.

First, the container activities room introduction

Container rooms, also known as container houses, container housing, container housing, refers to the main container-based materials by a small transformation and become a window with a house. Such container rooms are common in construction sites as workers' dormitories, and others are used as rental housing, durable and easy to build. Therefore, the container room is also known as the resident container.

Second, the container mobile housing classification

Container activity room according to its structure can be divided into three categories, the first category is the traditional container box transformation of the container room, the second category is a new type of box-type mobile room, the third category is removable box-type activities room.

The first category of containers made with traditional container cases is reused, which is very rugged and can withstand greater pressure.

The second type of new welding activity room is popular in recent years, living containers, because of its technology close to the first class container containers, it is also known as the container activity room, this container room technical standards lower than the container container, characterized by Transportation, installation, easy to move, and low cost, life in more than ten years, higher return on investment, the use of a wide range.

The third type of container activity room between the activities of the board room and the container room, which mainly uses modular production technology, a container module into a standard parts, to the need to use the time when the scene assembly, you can speed up the installation and removal of the speed , Can also reduce transportation costs.

Third, the use of container mobile housing

1, the construction site on the temporary construction of high-end demand, such as the project manager's office, accommodation, conference rooms and so on.

2, the construction site by the venue restrictions, can only install box-type combination of housing products.

3, field operations, such as field exploration and construction of mobile offices, dormitories and so on.

4, emergency room, such as military mobile command center, rescue mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center.

Fourth, the container mobile room size

External: Length 6M wide 3M high 2.55M.

Internal net size: 5.85 meters wide 2.85M high 2.2M.

Fifth, the characteristics of container mobile housing

* Thermal insulation, wind, shock, moisture, water, leakage, environmental protection, safety, fast and easy to move, flexible combination.

* Interior fully renovated, external power, built-in air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, ready to use.

* Long life, can be used for more than 10 years.

* Quickly set up ------- can be quickly completed, immediately business, cost recovery fast.

* Good drainage system ------- Structured row.

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