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Tianjin steel construction technology the leading

- Dec 07, 2015 -

Tianjin West railway station reconstruction and expansion project is in full swing, as the Beijing-Shanghai line through, in the ground floor while construction traffic, became a much needed to overcome the technical difficulties. Steel structure in Tianjin learn to come up with a solution – with steel scaffolding as underground support, so as to make the West station on underground concrete pouring at the same time, still able to complete the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai line task. Like this time, responsible research tasks, Tianjin Institute of steel construction also received a lot. From the Tianjin Institute of steel construction Congress recently was informed that the Institute is the meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin Teda square, steel building, West railway station reconstruction and expansion engineering, conch Bay yujiapu and other major projects in the city and deal with some technical problems in research, international leader in cutting-edge technology, service projects, lead related theory and technology of steel structure in national development.

Meanwhile, in line with the national "Twelve-Five" program, Tianjin Institute of steel construction throughout the country to promote steel, combined with steel-concrete composite theory of superposition, pouring concrete in steel tubes, increases the strength of building materials, shock resistance, ductility, thus building high security residential recycling, fire, green environmental protection.

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