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Steel Warehouse (LD-S001MIC)

- Oct 08, 2017 -

Basic Info.

Model NO.:KXDSS0056Material:Steel Structure
Origin:Shandong, ChinaCertification:CE
HS Code:9406000090Production Capacity:10000 square meter per month

Product Description

Steel Warehosue
It can be used for kinds of building, which includes monospan steel frame, double-span steel frame and multi-span steel frame. It can assemble the crane. Fro portal steel frame light house steel construction, the formed steel sheet and cold bend thin wall purline should be used as the roof. Steel column and steel girder of it should adopt welding H steel, which material are Q235 or Q345.

Advantages of kxd's steel structure building

1. Light weight, good seismic performance Good steel with ductility, can better consume the energy brought by the earthquake, so the seismic performance is good, the structure of high security. Material homogeneity and isotropic, is an ideal elastomer, the most consistent with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics; light steel structure of light weight, the same building area of the building floor, light steel structure residential space utilization is high.

In space usage. Steel structure of the small cross-section, compared with the reinforced concrete structure can increase the effective area of about 8% of the building. Steel architectural style is also more flexible and rich, indoor space can be divided into multiple programs to meet the needs of different users.

2. Construction is convenient, short duration of steel structure components, you can implement a wide range of production, on-site installation. Due to the small amount of on-site operation, less pollution to the surrounding environment, at the same time, the construction of a high degree of mechanization to speed up the construction speed. According to statistics, the same area of buildings, steel structure than concrete structure duration can be shortened by 1/3, and can save mold material.

3. Comprehensive cost of low weight light, the basic cost reduction, the overall material to reduce the direct cost reduction, construction period is short, indirect costs can be reduced, so the comprehensive cost is low.

4. Sustainable development of light steel structure of a high degree of industrialization, suitable for large-scale production of the factory, set energy, water, heat insulation, doors and windows and other advanced products in one, complete sets of applications, design, production, construction - s level. Steel scrap can be recycled, steel structure is a green building, is to adapt to our human sustainable development strategy of new forms of architecture.


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