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Galvanized H Steel Structure

Galvanized H Steel Structure

Galvanized H structural steel Galvanized H structural steel,as the form of the column/beam for a structural steel building,has been adopted by architects and engineers. Craftsmanship of H structural steel:Welding and Hot-rolling Surface treatment of H structural steel:hot-dip galvanization...

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Galvanized H Steel Structure

H steel can be produced by welding or rolling in two ways. Internationally, the product standard of H steel is divided into two categories: the British system and the metric system. The United States, Britain and other countries adopt the British system, while China, Japan, Germany and Russia adopt the metric system. Although the British system and metric system use different measuring units, the H-section steel mostly uses four sizes to express their specifications, namely, web height h, flange width b, web thickness D and flange thickness t. Although all countries in the world have different representation methods for size and size of H steel. However, there is little difference in the size, size and size tolerance of the products produced.

Surface treatment of H Steel Structure: hot-dip galvanization

Showcase of a typical H Steel Structure


Thin-walled H-section steel is mainly used for: Chinese-European-American-Japanese-Korean type houses, through the seismic testing of Tongji University, the buildings are intact after 8 degree earthquake; steel structure factory house villas; three-dimensional garage; steel structure house; underground tunnel, bridge bracket; various venues, greenhouses and so on. High frequency welding H-section steel brief introduction; High frequency H-section steel, using the two characteristics of high frequency current "table effect" and "proximity effect", through contact conduction, the two contacts are placed in the channel of the lowest impedance of the welded material, that is, all current flows from the V-shaped opening formed by the upper and lower flanges and webs, so that the welding power at the V-shaped opening is relatively concentrated, so that the welding power at the V-shaped opening is relatively small. The welding power of H-beam is achieved.

Measurement of hot-rolling H Steel Structure in GB(Chinese standard)

"I have visited KXD steel company before purchase a batch H steel, the impression of KXD steel company is grand, orderly, clean, enthusiastic, professional, after visiting other steel structure company, I make a decision that cooperate with KXD steel company, they are excellent team" said from Pedro Oliver who come from Argentina. 

Application of galvanized H Steel Structure in metal building construction:


except H steel, a steel structure building will be composed with galvanized purlin, knee bracing, tie bar, horizontal support, column support, joint, sleeve pipe for steel frame, other maintenance material and standard parts.

Building Purpose: we will recommend the best design for the purpose of the building

A. Warehouse/Storage
B. Factory 
C. Agriculture Barn
D. Retail Store 
E. Repair/Mechanic Shop
F. Office Space 
G. Medical Warehouse
H. Animal Farm (please confirm what kind of animal) 

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