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Prefabricated Steel Structure Residential Building Construction

Product Details

China Prefabricated steel structure residential building construction

Brief Introduction:

1. Prefabricated house are made by light steel structure and color steel sandwich panel.

2. The steel structure makes the house resist heavy wind of 100km/h and 7 grade earthquakes;

3. Color steel sandwich panel has a good fireproofing and heat insulation performance for the characteristic of the color steel sheet and EPS (or Fiberglass wool, Rock wall,  PU and cement foam board )materials;

4. The completely knock-down of the house components can save more space of the container and make house cheaper.


1. Light steel structure, sturdiness and durability, fire protection, thermal insulation and flexible handling
2. Convenient to transport, easy to assemble and disassemble
3. Nice outlook high strength
4. Strong weather resistance
5. Easy to move/maintain
6. Eco-friendly

Electric conduit  Interior 
Water conduit Window

House Body:

1)Door: Outside door as SIP door with aluminum alloy frame, aluminum alloy door or security door,

Size: 800mm*2000mm.

Inside door as SIP door, aluminum alloy door or compound wooden door,

Size: 750mm*2000mm;

2)Window: Color steel material or aluminum alloy with window screen;

3)Post: H 56*40, material: Q235, modular pace: Galvanized;

4)Ground channel: Z 50X60X30mm, material: Q235. Painted;

5)Roof beam: Square tube, Galvanized;

6)Compression decorative parts: Made of 0.4mm thick color steel sheet;

7)Wall board: 50mm-100mm thick sandwich panel for the insulation;

8)Roof panel: 50mm-100mm thick sandwich panel for the insulation;

House Accessories:

1)Ceiling board: Mineral wool, gypsum board, PVC and so on;

2)Watering system: Custom-made design and construction or as Chinese national standard;

3)Wiring system: Custom-made design and construction or as Chinese national standard;

4)Sanitary appliance: Source China market for your needs;

5)Furniture: Source from China market for your needs;

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