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Steel Structure Refugee Camp

Steel Structure Refugee Camp

Steel structure refugee campSpecifications1.Qualified material2.Flexible design3.Fast installation4.Reuse for numerous times.5.Convenient packSpecification of A type house:Prefabricated house mobile h

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Product Details

Steel structure refugee camps are temporary camps built to accommodate refugees and to meet people's basic needs temporarily. A camp may house tens of thousands or even millions of people.

Qingdao KXD Steel Structure Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China steel structure refugee camp manufacturers and suppliers equipped with professional steel structure refugee camp factory.

Steel structure refugee camp


1.Qualified material

2.Flexible design

3.Fast installation

4.Reuse for numerous times.

5.Convenient pack

In northern Jordan, near the Gobi Desert on the Syrian side, there is a magnificent settlement, Zatari refugee camp.

The total area of Zatari is more than 20 square kilometers. According to UNHCR data, there are currently about 80,000 refugees living here.

Specification of A type house:

Prefabricated house mobile house(A type) is a standard modular house. The width is 5.048m as fixed size but the inside layout can be designed as per customers' requirements. When delivery, it is knock-down to save space. Based on bolts connection without welding work, it could be assembled and disassembled easily and four workers can finish 120m2 in 8 hours according to instruction and CD.

Market and Brand
KXD Steel has more than 20 years experiences in designing, producing, installing and maintaining steel structure refugee camp houses. Our steel structure refugee camp have been shipped to lots of countries all over the world. KXD is a famous brand in manufacturing prefabricated steel structure refugee camp field.

Refugee housing, in fact, has everything to meet the needs of daily life

Of course, there are some differences between modular refugee housing and apartments we see. Toilets, restaurants, etc. are public, in one module.

Why choose modular housing for refugees?

Modular housing originated in Europe at the earliest time, and its acceptance is relatively high, especially in the field of emergency and assistance. Compared with the general construction technology, modular box house products through decoration and layout, from the appearance and function, and ordinary buildings look the same. Moreover, the modular box house after special treatment can achieve insulation and durability from the material, and this construction material can be recycled and reused. Once the building is retired in the future, these building materials can be recycled, which is very in line with environmental protection.


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