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Pre-Engineered Steel Chicken House

Pre-Engineered Steel Chicken House

Pre-engineered steel chicken house 1.Column: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;2.Beam: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;3.Purlin: Galvanized Q235 C-channel;4.Ver

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Factory-direct provider of all kinds of steel structure buildings and material plant. We specialize in design, fabricate construction, install and related technology guide. Our competitive price and high quality have got customers from all over the word. 

We are the professional supplier who manufactures prefabricated automatic poultry house, use the galvanized steel structure for the frame so that the appearance will not be rusty.

Chicken house inside the spacious and bright side of the chicken house installed on the side of the fan house ventilation effect. poultry house use color steel sandwich panel wall to maintenance, so the insulation, noise, fire performance is good, All steel components are hot-dip galvanized and durable. Aluminum-galvanized coloured steel sheets are used for interior and exterior wall panels and ceiling roofs.

We can provide purchasing services to save your time and money .

Artificial incubation technology of chickens makes it possible to produce more than 10,000 chickens at one time, which provides a source of chickens for intensive chickens; the rapid assembly, rapid extension, rapid moulding and airproof of modern light steel structure chicken houses provide a reliable and high-quality environment for intensive chickens; and the modern cage and flat farming equipment provides a solid backrest for intensive chickens. Under the unified feeding and management conditions, the growth and development of chickens are quite orderly, and the chickens have a small range of activities. They like to live in groups and love imitation. By controlling the time and intensity of light in the chicken house, they can control the production time and evening of chickens, which makes it possible to raise them in large quantities in free or in captivity. High-density feeding improves the utilization rate of chicken house. With the improvement of cage equipment and the easy construction of single or multi-layer light steel structure chicken house, it has become a reality that a chicken house can raise tens of thousands of chickens, save labor and achieve the new goal of high-yield and high-efficiency breeding.

 Basic rules of structure design.

  1. Design code for steel structure GB50017-2003;

   2. Design Specification for Curved Thin-walled Steel Structure GB50018-2002.

 Design parameters 

1. Coefficient for importance of a structure is 0.95. The usage life is 25 years;

2. 3 security level;

3. Seismic fortification categories: C-class;

4. Earthquake-resistant level: the main structure is level four.

 Structural design load

Uniformly distributed load standard values: KN/M2

1. YX-980 0.5mm outsider roof aluminum-zinc steel plate: ------------------0.049KN/m2;

2. 16kg/m3 50mm heat-insulating fiber glass wool:----------0.008 KN/m2; 

3. Z or C roof purlin:-----------------0.034 KN/m2; 

4. Roof live load:----------------------0.5 KN/m2. 

Concentrated load:KN/m2(3mis a lifting point)

1. Waterline -----------------------0.11 KN/m2; 

2. Feed line ----------------------0.22 KN/m2; 

3. Motor(the end of waterline and feed line)--------------------0.41 KN/m2; 

4. Full load of hopper ------------------------1 KN/m2; 

5. Main feed line ------------------------0.18 KN/m2; 

6. Wind load ------------------------0.6 KN/m2; 

7. Snow load ------------------------0.5 KN/m2. 

Controlled poultry farms is a kind of light steel structure with the main framework which is composed of main feeding system, chain feeding system, nipple drinking system, ventilation system, environmental control system, and spraying system.Steel frame: column and beam: h section steel, square tube supporting: c section steel, steel round, steel pipe, angle brace, etc.The wall material:EPS, fiber glass, PU, or rock wool sandwich panel or steel sheet or galvanized mesh with tarpaulin.The roof material:one layer colored corrugated steel sheet or colored sandwich panels or one layer colored steel sheet with insulation layer


1. Is your price competitive with other companies?

A: Our business objectives are to give the best price with same quality and best quality with the same price. We will do everything we can to reduce your cost.

2. Do you offer service for installation?

A: We will give detailed installation drawings and direction info for free. And we could send engineers as installation director even a team.

3. Do you accept container loading inspection?

A: You are welcomed to send an inspector, not only for the container loading, but any time during the production time.

4. What is the delivery time?

A: Delivery time depends on order quantities. Generally, the delivery time will be 30 days after            receiving deposit.

5. How can you get a quotation for your projects?

A: You can just fill out our questionaire(through my email below)and send back to us. We will give you the best quotation ASAP. Thanks for your kind cooperation.

Customer's voice

"It is the best choice for every one because it's build in low cost. It's fire and waterproof and use in that area where the home made of blocks or break are very very expensive and dangerous in disaster specially Earthquake strom. So I appreciate the idea of KXD steel structure." said from Khan.

Are you looking for the manufacturer of chicken house? KXD company will meet your need. please tell us your requirement now. 


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