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Pre-Engineered Steel Chicken House

Pre-Engineered Steel Chicken House

Pre-engineered steel chicken house 1.Column: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;2.Beam: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;3.Purlin: Galvanized Q235 C-channel;4.Ver

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Qingdao KXD Steel Structure Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pre-engineered steel chicken house manufacturers and suppliers equipped with professional pre-engineered steel chicken house factory.

Pre-engineered steel chicken house 

1.Column: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;

2.Beam: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;

3.Purlin: Galvanized Q235 C-channel;

4.Vertical and transversal support: Q235 angle steel, round bar or steel pipe;

5.Tie bar: Q235 steel pipe;

6.Brace: Q235 round bar;

7.Sleeve: Q235 steel pipe;

8.Roof: Corrugated steel sheet with insulation or sandwich panel;

9.Wall: Wire meshes with curtain system or sandwich panel;

10.Feeding system: Feeder motor connect with feeder hopper;

11.Nipple drinker system;

12.Tunnel ventilation and heating system;

13.Suspension system with ceiling winch;

14.Ventilation: External damper fan with cone.

Basic rules of structure design

1.Design code for steel structure GB50017-2003;

2.Design Ssecification for Curved Thin-walled Steel Structure GB50018-2002.

Design parameters 

1.Coefficient for importance of a structure is 0.95. The usage life is 25 years;

2.3 security level;

3.Seismic fortification categories: C-class;

4.Earthquake-resistant level: the main structure is level four.

Structural design load

Uniformly distributed load standard values: KN/M2

1.YX-980 0.5mm outsider roof aluminum-zinc steel plate: ------------------0.049KN/m2;

2.16kg/m3 50mm heat-insulating fiber glass wool:----------0.008 KN/m2; 

3.Z or C roof purlin:-----------------0.034 KN/m2; 

4.Roof live load:----------------------0.5 KN/m2. 

Concentrated load:KN/m2(3mis a lifting point)

1.Waterline -----------------------0.11 KN/m2; 

2.Feed line ----------------------0.22 KN/m2; 

3.Motor(the end of waterline and feed line)--------------------0.41 KN/m2; 

4.Full load of hopper ------------------------1 KN/m2; 

5.Main feed line ------------------------0.18 KN/m2; 

6.Wind load ------------------------0.6 KN/m2; 

7.Snow load ------------------------0.5 KN/m2. 

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