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Painted H Steel

Painted H Steel

Painted H steel1.Grade: Q235, Q345 Series;2.Standard: GB/T ISO9001: 2000;3.Length: according to the building height;4.Size: 25*25--250*250mm;5.Packing: In bundle or we can make spacking as your requir

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Product Details

Paint is not only for high-frequency welding of H-steel to increase its aesthetic level, it can also play a role in improving performance. there are some details to notice here:

  1.  preparation

    slag cleaning, ensure that the stains and rust on the surface of high-frequency welded H steel are cleaned up.

  2. operate in a suitable environment

    the general coating product will mark the suitable temperature in the instructions. According to this temperature, the temperature can be controlled at 4-38 degrees centigrade for some products which are not explained; the temperature of the steel surface should be about 30 degrees centigrade above the ambient temperature.

  3. spray gun

    the spray gun is an important tool for spray painting. it is important to its pressure. The appropriate pressure can ensure that the amount and concentration of the paint are very standard, so that the spray paint is both practical and beautiful.

  4. spray amount of paint

    the needle valves in the suction and gravity spray guns can be controlled in a small scale, but the effect is very limited; the pressure type spray gun can control the amount of ejection by adjusting the pressure of the coating booster box, and it is more free to use.

Painted H steel can be widely used in many fields, such as multi-storey building, multi-storey parking garage, large span light factory, warehouse, new office building, prefabricated house, civil house, equipment installation and so on.

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