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Galvanized Steel Structure Logistics Warehouse

Galvanized Steel Structure Logistics Warehouse

The logistics warehous which build at Brisbane, Australia. all material are galvanized with surface treatment. with about six sectional door for logistics transportation.

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Product Details

The galvanized steel structure logistics warehouse which build at Brisbane, Australia. all material are galvanized. the galvanized steel structure logistics warehouse with about six sectional door for logistics transportation.

Main frameQ345B H section steel
Tie barΦ114*3 galvanized
BracingΦ12, Q235 galvanized
Knee bracing angle steel L50*4, Q235 galvanized 
Sleeve pipeΦ32*2.5, Q235 galvanized
Roof panel
V-960 0.5mm/75mm EPS/ 0.5mm
Wall panelV-950 0.5mm/75mm EPS/ 0.5mm
Edge trimming0.5mm color steel sheet

The awning of the galvanized steel structure logistics warehouse is 10*6m. It is not only keep out wind and rain, but also enlarges the usage area of the logistics warehouse; the steel awning canopy is light in weight, strong in strength, good in wind resistance, and can withstand 60-70 metres of wind per second; the construction time is short, the cost is low, and the steel components used in the steel awning canopy can be recycled and reused, and the environmental protection is good.

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Why choose us

We can quote according to your drawings.You can also show us the building size(length,width,height), the arrangements of the windows and doors, the usage, whether fireproof or not and other details you requires. Then we can make exact quotation and design drawings for you.
In general, we will number the material and send our customer the drawings.If you have other  requirements, you can also tell us.


1. Possesses a wide span, with either a single or multiple span and can have a maximum span clearance distance, without middle columns of 36m
2. Is low cost with unit price ranging from USD35 to USD70 per square meter FOB according to customer's requirements
3. Fast construction and easy installation
4. Has a service life of more than 50 years

5. The warehouses are also environmentally friendly, have a stable structure, are earthquake resistance, water proof, and energy saving 

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