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Light Steel Structure Activity Room Is A New Type Of Activity Room

- Jun 19, 2017 -

  Light steel structure activity room is a new type of activity room, is the steel structure as the main body,

  The use of integrated way to produce, compared to traditional residential has the following characteristics

  First, the structure of high stability, seismic light steel structure of the main body of the load bearing the use of galvanized steel keel and structural plate composed of dense ribbed wall structure, the structure of the building is good, the structure of light weight, can withstand more than 8 earthquakes and Winds up to 50 m / s.

  Second, due to light steel structure of the structure of the structure of the keel all the use of CAD design for computer-controlled production, component size accuracy to millimeter-level, for the late decoration works provide a good foundation. The industrialization of production for the building structure system scale, industrial development provides a sufficient space.

  Third, the construction of fast, light steel structure of the housing construction Completed the factory prefabricated and on-site assembly of the construction; components installed in place to reach 100% strength, no construction technology intermittent, improve labor productivity; components in full accordance with the design drawings , On-site construction completely dry operation, construction of a high degree of civilization;

  Fourth, the indoor space separation flexibility, the use of high-light steel structure of the activities of the housing span of up to 6 ~ 151 for the residents to provide a greater space for freedom; because the wall is only one-half brick structure, structural area significantly reduced , Residential use area can be as high as 92%, compared with traditional buildings increased by 7% -10% of the use of area. (Ding Tai Heng activities board room, Hefei activity room, Hefei activity board room, Hefei steel plant, Caigang activity room, container)

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